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Mini Poll- Using Your Manager

The Mini Poll service is the perfect interactive solution for any webmaster who wants to put polls and surveys on their website. Vote results are displayed in real-time.

Installing Your Mini Poll:

The Mini Poll service can be installed easily by following these steps:

  1. Register the Mini Poll service in your Member account
  2. Copy the special code we provide to you
  3. Open your webpage in whatever HTML editor you prefer to use
  4. Paste the code onto your webpage where you want the link to your service to appear
  5. Save your page and publish it to your site
  6. The service will appear on your page, ready to use.
For detailed help with specific areas of the service read through our comprehensive Knowledge Base.

Getting Started:

The first step, once you have registered your Mini Poll service in your Member account, is to customize the look and feel and set up your various service options. All of that is done in the Mini Poll manager, in your Members Area. Login to your account with your Username and password and you will be shown the main Members Area menu. Click on the Service Manager link to begin.

Setting Up Your Free Service Options:

The Mini Poll Service Manager is broken into several sections. Let's look at the various sections and go over what you can do in each section.

General Settings

In General Settings you can set up several different options. Start at the top of the General Settings page and go through each option. Make sure you set each to the option you prefer. You can set how wide you want the Mini Poll to appear, in pixels, to fit onto the pages of your site. Enable or disable Poll rotation and Vote Limiting by selecting the appropriate button and clicking in each.

Once you have finished with your option selections, be sure to click on the Save changes button at the bottom of the page to make your changes permanent.

Colors and Fonts

This area allows you to define the various colors on your Mini Poll pages. Use the Color Picker wizard and the Style tool to help you set up how the font should look, how big it is, and what color it should appear in. You can also enter the color information manually with either the standard hex color code (#000000 for black, for example) or the standard color name (blue, for example).

Edit Images

This section allows you to set up your own existing web images to use in your Mini Poll service. All you need to do is type in the full URL (web address) of your image, in each section. You can use your own Title and Background Images, but each image MUST be stored on a webserver that allows remote linking (also known as 'hot linking'). Images stored on your own computer won't work, there is no way to link to them on your computer.

Please Note: Images stored in the Bravenet Photo Center will not work with this service since the code is embedded onto your own page, rather than being stored on a Bravenet server.

Once you have entered your image information, click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Email Notifications

In this section you can enable or disable the email sent when a visitor adds a vote to your Mini Poll. If you choose to disable this option, click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page and continue on. If you choose to enable email notifications, an email will be sent to you each time someone votes in your Poll.

Create Poll

This section is where you create and add a new Poll. Enter the Poll title (usually a question like 'why is the sky blue?') and the possible answer options you want, in the boxes provided. You can define an image to be displayed with each answer by entering the full url (web address) for the image in the box provided.

Enter the text you want to have appear on the submit button (like 'Vote Now!' or 'Click to Vote!') and choose either a vertical or horizontal layout for your poll. Longer questions will display better in a horizontal layout.

Once you have entered your image information, click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Poll Maintenance

Here is where you can edit existing Polls, or delete a poll altogether. Click on the Edit button to the right of the poll you wish to make changes to and when you are done making your changes, click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page. To delete a Poll, put a checkmark in the box to the left of the Poll you want to remove (under the big red X) and click on the Delete Selected Polls button at the bottom of the page. Click Cancel to return to the main Poll Service Manager page.

View Archive

The Mini Poll service allows you to archive old polls, so you can store them away for viewing in the future. Use this option to go and browse old, or completed polls that you have chosen to Archive.

View Statistics

This option allows you to view the results of your current poll. This is handy if you have chosen to make your Poll statistics private and not viewable from the Poll itself, on your page.

Professional Options:

Upgrading to the Professional version of the Mini Poll service allows you to create and display a lot more Mini Polls than the free service allows (up to 50!), and Professional Mini Polls can be set to restrict viewing of the Results by visitors, making the results private.

For more specific details about the Mini Poll Service, please Search the Knowledge Base.

For Information on the sections under 'UTILITIES', please click here.